After discovering teaching working at a hotel in Hong Kong where I was required to teach customer service and manners, I applied for the JET programme in Japan.

My 3 years on the JET programme were educational.  I was a ‘one shot’ assistant language teacher.  This meant that I taught at over 30 different schools.  With only 1 hour a month, it was difficult to build a relationship with the students.  However I received exposure to many different teachers and was able to learn something from each of them.

After a year at University study a Masters in East Asian studies I returned to Japan to teach in a Private Junior & Senior High School.  Education in Japan is hard on students and teachers.  Relentless testing and cramming of facts and figures.  I tried hard to change the system but overtime became unhappy with my role within it.

I joined Canadian Academy in January 2007 as a tech integration teacher on a one semester contract.

From August 2007 until July 2009 I taught ESOL to grade 2 & 3 students.  During this time I became involved in directing elementary and middle school plays and coaching high school football (soccer) and middle school tennis.

From August 2009 until June 2012 I taught grades 6, 7, & 8 drama and led the Fine Arts Department.  During these years the school decided to implement MYP and I led the department to a successful IB visit.  During this time I continued to direct elementary and middle school plays and coach middle and high school sports as well as lead 2 successful Habitat for Humanity trips.

Here is one of my earliest blogs, written as the school bought in student blogs – I was attempting to model great blogging!



March 11th 2011 – a day I will never forget

As we know learning does happen outside of the classroom and in July 2012 I was honoured to lead a trip to the Tohoku region of Japan where on March 11th a year earlier the largest tsunami in Japan’s history struck.  The pictures do not speak the full truth of the damage, but even over a year later the impact on me an my students was immense.  Our school continues to support the area and learn from those affected.