Field work


Note – Elementary field and playground project.  Short term planning, construction from July 2012 until August 2012

Total spend ¥65,000,000


The Background

Schools in Japan tend to have dirt fields as growing grass can be difficult due to climate and the high cost of labour which impacts maintenance.  It is common to see Japanese elementary, junior and senior high school students raking the dirt field before and after practice, cutting down the maintenance cost to the school even further.  Dirt fields are an alien concept to international school students, used to natural grass or astroturf.  However international schools take on the local culture and Canadian Academy had been playing sports and taking recess on dirt for over 90 years.  In 2009, with the help of Eli Lilly the middle school and high school field was converted from dirt to astroturf providing a world class facility for football, softball, baseball and of course recess.  The elementary school students looked on with envy.


The Project

The elementary field was large enough to


increasing, taking garden but being able to replant trees and reposition tea ceremony garden.

included the playground in the total cost of the project

Dimension of the Nest field is  about 92.2 meter X 45.1 meter

ES play ground is about 37.5 meter X 42 meter




Me and Nestle



awesome space

reduced student injuries

reduced dirt throughout the school and then classrooms